Three Reasons Why I Have Decided to Stop Using Natural Hair Products

I’ve been natural for a little over three years; I cut all my hair sometime in May/June 2015 and I haven’t got my hair relaxed since then. For the first few months of my natural hair journey, I washed my hair everyday with my bathing soap and applied raw African sheabutter afterwards. However, when my hair was about five months old, I stopped using sheabutter because it got difficult to find as I changed houses. I also stopped caring for my hair; I only washed my hair when I felt like I hadn’t washed it in a long time and I used any hair cream or oil I saw lying around in my house. In January 2017, I made up my mind to start caring for my hair but I wanted to first see if it was possible to do so without breaking the bank. As a result, I built a hair regimen and started using just water, sheabutter, African blacksoap and eggs on my hair. My hair blossomed and I was quite pleased with my results. After proving my point that it’s possible to care for and grow natural hair with little or no money, I decided to start trying out store bought hair products sometime in August 2018. Click here to read my blog post on the products I bought. I made the decision to start using new products because I wanted my hair to smell nicer and I wanted to be able to wear my hair in a wash and go; these I didn’t get with my purely organic products. After I used these products for the first time, I noticed that my hair got softer, bouncier, broke less and was a lot more manageable. The first thing my mum said when she felt my hair after the first application was, “True, your hair is soft but are you sure this is a good thing?” I told her that it was a good thing; I should have known that mama knows best. In this post I’ll be sharing some of the reasons why I have decided to stop using store bought hair products and return to my purely natural homemade products.

I must confess that I loved the products that I got; I bought a deep conditioner and a leave in conditioner. My hair got softer and more manageable with each application and I could tell that with time I would have retained more length because my hair broke less. Nevertheless, I have noticed some features in my hair that I don’t like. These features include:

  • My hair texture is starting to change: I have coarse textured hair but my strands have gotten finer with each application.
  • My hair is more weightless: One of the things I love about my hair is that it looks and feels heavy; that’s probably why it doesn’t move easily but my hair is starting to look and feel lighter. Although it’s more bouncy; which I love but if I have to pick, I’ll pick the weight over the bounce.
  • The colour of my hair has gotten lighter: My hair is black in colour but I’ve noticed that it has gotten considerably lighter. It’s still black but not as dark as it used to be.

I have this strong feeling that my hair may start to break off after prolong use of these products, call me paranoid. Generally, I have come to see that based on what I value the most, my hair looks and feels better with my old hair products. My hair probably doesn’t like some or all of the ingredients in store bought products. Some people may say that it may be just the ingredients in the products I bought which may be true but I’m not willing to experiment with different products on my hair anymore; I’ll just stick to what I already know. Plus, you can’t go wrong with mother nature. I’m not in any way saying that these products or other store bought products are bad, I’m only saying that they do not work for me. This doesn’t mean that I will never use store bought products again but for now I’m taking a break from them. Maybe I’ll go back, maybe I won’t I guess time will tell.

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7 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why I Have Decided to Stop Using Natural Hair Products

  1. Great post. I didn’t think the products I used changed my hair but it is a possibility. I would like to share your story on my Instagram. You really can’t beat mother nature which is why I make my own products and help others create their own masterpieces as well. I hope you’ll check me out at ✌🏾🧑 thanks


  2. Informative. I will pay more attention to mine as I’ve been using Cantu products for over a year. I think I agree with you about bounce and colour


    1. I’m glad you find it informative. I think I found it easy to notice changes because I’ve been using just sheabutter, eggs and blacksoap; nothing else on my hair for over a year. So I know what my hair looks and feels like, I’m not sure the changes are obvious enough for others to see. I’ll definitely miss the bounce, I really liked it.


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