Black is Beautiful

I am the lightest in complexion in a family of six. This is so because my family is rich in melanin; I’m not in any way light skinned. Growing up, I always wanted to be darker. You may wonder why. Well, because dark skin was celebrated in my family. The saying, “black is beautiful” was one of the most spoken phrases in my home. My dad always talked about how he was attracted to my mum’s dark skin. Infact, according to him, that was one of the reasons why he married her. As a result of this, I would always go into a dark corner of the house anytime I wanted to use the mirror just so I would appear darker. I got over this covetousness as I got older and learned to accept my complexion for what it is but it amazes me that a lot of people do not value what God has endowed them with. Every skin tone is beautiful but today, I’ll be focusing on the beauty of the dark skin because a lot of people don’t seem to acknowledge it.

I’m a Christian so I’ll go from the angle of the bible. In Gen 1:31, God saw everything that He had made and it was very good. This means that everything God made was perfect, nothing needed to be altered. If God wanted everyone to be of the same complexion, He would have made it so. God understands that there’s beauty in diversity and that’s why the world is filled with varieties for us to enjoy. Imagine if there was just one type of food, one type of animal, one type of weather or one TV station. Life would have been so boring. There’s beauty in our differences so instead of trying to make yourself look like your neighbor, care for yourself and the beauty in that feature you hate so much will start to show. Don’t bleach that skin or chemically alter that hair, just care for it.

There’s this misconception that men prefer light skinned girls to dark skinned ones. I’m not going to tell you that most guys prefer their women light or dark because that would be a lie. The truth is that the world is filled with different types of people with different preferences. Some people like their coffee white, some like it black. That’s life for you. I’ve met several men who prefer their women dark (my dad is one) and I’ve also met people who would pick a light skinned girl over a dark skinned one. Altering yourself to fit society’s standard will only lead to frustration because the truth is that you cannot please everybody. Society’s standard changes all the time so even if you change that feature, there’s a high chance that it won’t be as fashionable in a few years time.

The colour of our skin serves more purpose than beauty. If you notice, people who live in sunnier regions of the world generally have darker skin tones than those who live in cold areas. This is because melanin is what is responsible for our skin tone; the more the melanin, the darker the skin tone. Melanin helps to protect the skin from the UV radiation of the sun which causes skin cancer, this is why people who live in sunny areas are darker as they need more protection. People who bleach their skin destroy the melanin that should serve as a protection for the skin thereby exposing themselves to skin cancer. No wonder people who bleach get sun burn a lot faster than people who don’t. Learn to see that dark skin as a blessing that it is rather than a problem that needs to be fixed.

I’ve learned over the years that there’s beauty in everyone and everything when they are well cared for. The next time you grab that jar of bleaching lotion, just remember that you’re wonderfully and beautifully made. You don’t need to change who you are, you are perfect the way you are. Every skin tone is beautiful. The beauty is in the glow regardless of the shade and every complexion can glow if only you care for it. I encourage you to invest that time and money into caring for your skin to bring out the best in it rather than trying to alter it.

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