My Experience with Acne, How I Overcame It and The Lessons I Learned

A few months ago, I noticed a tiny pimple on my forehead. This isn’t a strange occurrence as I usually have one or two pimples on my face from time to time which go on their own without any treatment. Coincidentally, my mum came home one day with a jar of organic honey so I thought, “Why not use the honey to get rid of the pimple?” I quickly stole and hid some of the honey without anyone noticing because my family is against using food for the skin and hair; they think it’s unnecessary wastage and I wasn’t in the mood to argue with them. I was very excited and the next day I started applying the honey on my face as a mask daily. I would leave the honey for about thirty minutes or more then rinse it off. After three days, I noticed some pimples on my cheeks which increased in population as days passed. My mum got to know that I was using the honey on my face and suggested that I was reacting to it but I didn’t believe her. “I’ve read so many benefits of honey, it can’t be the cause of the reactions”, I thought. After two weeks, with my face as rough as an emery board and sadness in my heart, I stopped using the honey. I later got to know that the honey was fake. The sad part of the story is that the pimples didn’t go even after I stopped using the honey. This was the beginning of  severe acne for me. I tried everything from OTC meds to face masks and scrubs but they all left me frustrated.

After about a month of obsessing over my face and trying everything I could lay my hands on, I decided to apply the principles I’ve been using on my hair since I started my healthy hair journey; patience and simple regimen. Today, my face is as healthy and smooth as ever. These are the things I did that helped me conquer the acne:

  • I started drinking more water; at least 6 glasses everyday.
  • I changed my diet; I started eating more of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • I got a good moisturiser that I used daily.
  • I started exfoliating with my homemade exfoliating mixture once every two days.
  • I started having my bath more often; at least twice daily with a moisturising soap and not using any soap if I needed to shower in between.
  • I always allowed my skin to breathe at night i.e I didn’t sleep with makeup or apply any moisturiser at night after using my moisturising soap.
  • I started exercising daily.
  • I started washing my hair weekly to prevent product buildup and oils flowing to my face.
  • I tried to avoid stress.

You may need to alter some of these tips depending on your skin type. I have normal skin that’s more on the oily side that’s why I don’t use  moisturiser at night except in dry season.

My experience with Acne taught me very valuable lessons that I’d like to share with you guys. Some of the lessons include:

  • There’s a thing called excessive skin and hair care. When you find a regimen that works for you, stick to it; don’t try out every new product or procedure when yours is working just fine. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
  • Our lifestyle affects everything that relates to us particularly our health. Sometimes we don’t need drugs to tackle skin or hair problems, we just need to change our lifestyle.
  • What we eat plays a major role in our overall health and by extension the health of our skin and hair. If you eat healthy, you’ll look healthy.

Have you ever battled with acne? How did you overcome it?

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7 thoughts on “My Experience with Acne, How I Overcame It and The Lessons I Learned

  1. This is exactly what am passing through now but I didn’t steal the honey though, bought it at the market. Thank you so much for this, will try applying this tips. Thanks a lot.


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