Are You a Slave to Makeup?

The meaning of makeup has evolved with time. Several years ago, makeup meant nothing more than white powder, eye pencil and lip balm. Nowadays, the term makeup has become very broad consisting of products like highlighter, concealer, contour kit and the likes. With the evolution of makeup came a wider acceptance of it. Many people who never wore makeup in the past have now embraced it as a vital part of their everyday lives. In the world today, it has become increasingly difficult to step out of the house without wearing makeup because people are expected to look a certain way and this look can only be achieved with makeup. The new campaign of self love and self acceptance has made it very important for us to ask ourselves this vital question. Am I a slave to makeup?

Makeup is a gift and an art. It brings out the creativity in us and with it, you can switch your look from the girl next door to a diva within the twinkle of an eye. However, one can easily become a slave to it if care is not taken. You may be wondering, how do I know if I’m a slave to makeup? You’re a slave to makeup if any of these statements describes you:

  • I cannot leave the house without makeup.
  • I feel very uncomfortable when people look at me if I have no makeup on.
  • I always try to cover my face with materials like glasses whenever I have no makeup on.

It is very important that we get liberated from this slavery because just like slavery to any other material thing, slavery to makeup cripples you. Let’s face facts, you’re not going to have the luxury of wearing makeup everytime you need to appear in front of people. It could be an impromptu visit by your man, an unexpected trip to the grocery store or even a more serious scenario of having to appear for a business meeting with short notice. If you’re a slave to makeup, it’ll affect your confidence and this in turn will reduce your self esteem. Low self esteem is easily noticed and it’s a deal breaker for most people. No one wants to miss out on opportunities because of something as trivial as makeup so the earlier you tackle it, the better.

    How can I overcome slavery to makeup?

    The first step to overcoming slavery to makeup is to learn to embrace yourself for who you are. There are features about everyone of us that are unique. Are you dark skinned? Do you have big lips, wide nose, big forehead etc? Learn to embrace everything about your appearance. Basically everything you’re born with is part of who you are, embrace them all. Now, I’m not referring to medical conditions and features that came to be as a result of bad habits like excessive weight gain, sunburn and the likes; these should be corrected.

    After accepting who you are and embracing it, the next step is to invest in self care. I’ve noticed that many people who are slaves to makeup were not born that way. Rather, slavery came when they noticed blemishes that they felt they needed to hide. Most times if you have healthy skin, you won’t feel the need to always cover your face with makeup all the time. The only way to have healthy skin is to invest time, energy and money into caring for your skin. Exercise, eat healthy and look for skin care products that are organic or near organic that’ll work for you. Just like different hair types prefer different products, so do different skin types. Find out what works for you and stick to it. The most important tips to having healthy skin are: a good diet rich in fresh foods, fruits, vegetables and water, a good moisturiser, exercising and keeping your skin clean all the time. Find a regimen suitable for your skin type and stick to it.

    The third step to overcoming slavery to makeup is to reduce the frequency of makeup application. This will not happen immediately. Start by reducing the frequency of applying your least important item in your makeup bag and gradually progress until you finally feel totally confident without any makeup on. Slavery to makeup is a cycle; it starts by noticing a blemish e.g a pimple, then you start to feel the necessity to cover the pimple with makeup and before you know it, that pimple grows into severe acne. At this stage, it becomes imperative to wear makeup all the time because the acne would have become unsightly. Many people fail to understand that makeup is only a temporary solution to breakouts. In many cases, makeup makes breakouts even worse. Let’s look at it this way; when a pimple appears on your face, it’s a sign that your pores are clogged. Makeup, particularly foundations, concealers and powders give you that flawless look by blocking your pores so by wearing makeup to cover the pimple, you’re clogging your pores even more and it’ll make your breakout worse. This is why it’s advisable to let your skin breathe from all that makeup from time to time. It is also why beauty specialists warn that you shouldn’t sleep with makeup on because the four hours or more that you spend sleeping should be an opportunity for your skin to breathe from all the makeup worn during the day. 

    Follow these steps and you’ll be leading the ‘no makeup’ campaign in no time.

    Ladies, have you ever been a slave to makeup? What did you do to overcome it? Comment in the comments section.šŸ‘‡

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    2 thoughts on “Are You a Slave to Makeup?

    1. I love this post really, it brings to light another side to this makeup thingy. I answered the question and i’m no slave to makeup. I’m perfectly cool with just washing my face and running errands around the neighbourhood or going to the market without a care who sees what i look like without makeup.

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      1. I’m glad to hear that. It’s really sad to see people who are so insecure whenever they aren’t wearing makeup. What’s life if you can’t get up and go? The most amazing are those who feel the need to wear makeup when they swim.


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