Itchy Scalp- Causes, Treatment and Prevention

I met a girl at the cinema the other day; a very pretty girl I must add. She sat beside me in the movie theater but we didn’t chat because the movie had started when she came in and I hate it when people gist away during a movie so I try to avoid doing that (I believe in leading by example). Halfway into the movie, I noticed that she was uncomfortable. Before I knew it, she started tapping her head lightly. Her scalp was itchy but she couldn’t afford to destroy her hairdo so she decided to tap instead of scratch. She was so engrossed in the tapping that she didn’t realise that the intensity had increased so much that people four rows away could hear her. At a point, someone in the crowd shouted rudely, “Madam, don’t spread the lice.” She was so embarrassed that she had to leave the theater before the end of the movie. I felt sorry for her because I know how it feels to suffer from an itchy scalp. Many times, we do not tackle issues until they become chronic and embarrassing. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing various causes of itchy scalp and how to prevent and treat them.

The most common cause of itchy scalp is dandruff. Dandruff is a condition when scaly materials fall from the scalp. It occurs when dead cells of the scalp mix with oil present on the scalp to form flakes that fall off. It can be caused by wearing protective styles like weaves for too long, dirty hair or product buildup. Most times, it can easily be treated by using off the counter anti-dandruff shampoos. However, if symptoms persists, please visit your doctor. Some of the preventive measures include washing hair regularly, avoiding greasing of scalp and taking down protective styles in due time.

Another cause of itchy scalp is lice. Louse is a parasite that lives on the skin of hairy animals. For humans, it lives on the head and pubic region; basically places that have enough hair to host it. It is very tiny and often difficult to see with the naked eye. It can be contacted by sharing hair tools with people who carry the parasite or by making close contact with them including pets. The fastest way to treat this is to shave the head, thereby removing all the hair together with the lice. Alternatively, you can visit your doctor for professional advice.

Thirdly, itchy scalp can be caused by ringworm; what several Nigerians refer to as ‘lapalapa’. When ringworm is left untreated on the scalp, it can cause baldness of the area involved. It can be contacted through poor hygiene, coming in close contact with people who are infected or sharing hair tools with them. Please visit you doctor for treatment. Like the aforementioned causes of itchy scalp, it can be prevented by avoiding those things that cause it.

Itchy scalp can also be caused by dry scalp. It is often confused with dandruff as both result in flakes falling from the scalp. The difference between the two is the treatment. Dry scalp can be treated by oiling the scalp with a light oil while dandruff cannot. Dry scalp can be treated and prevented by keeping the scalp adequately moisturised. However, over oiling the scalp can also cause itching as excess oil can clog the pores of the scalp. Just like many other good hair practices, overdoing oiling can have an adverse effect on the health of your scalp and hair. Make sure you find a balance.

Finally, itchy scalp can be caused by Bobby pins. Surprised? Don’t be! Many people do not realise that they react to the metal used in making or coating Bobby pins and so they wrongfully blame other factors for their itchy scalp. The solution to this is to stop using Bobby pins altogether or to avoid placing the pins directly on the scalp. Apart from Bobby pins, itching can be caused by reaction to hair products so make sure you take note of the changes in your hair when you add a new product to your regimen.

Ladies, have you ever suffered from itchy scalp? Please share your experience in the comments section below.👇

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