Food and How it Affects the Health of Your Hair and Skin

Last week on my way from the market, I met a woman with her ten year old daughter. My first impression of the woman was that she was in her sixties and the little girl was her granddaughter only for me to hear the girl call her “mother”. I was shocked. Then I took a second look at her and realized that she wasn’t as old as I thought. She was very thin and her skin was wrinked and dry. She was obviously malnourished and so was her daughter. Her daughter looked very pale with short, light-brownish hair on both her skin and head, despite her dark complexion. I could tell that the malnutrition had affected the health of her hair. This got me thinking about how important the food we eat is to our health including the health of our skin, hair, nails etc.

Many times, we focus too much on hair and body lotions while we neglect eating healthy which is more important. So many hair and skin problems we face could have been avoided if we ate right. From experience, I’ve come to know that my hair and skin look best when my diet is healthy. When I was in boarding school, I noticed that I looked a lot better during holidays than during school sessions​ because of better feeding even though I hardly applied any skin lotions while on holidays. That brings us to the important question; what is healthy eating? This is when you eat a variety of food that contain all the nutrients needed to give energy and maintain your health. Generally, cooked foods rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins are healthier than junk foods. Also, clean water is the healthier alternative to sugary drinks and alcohol.

If you want healthy hair and skin, you must be conscious of what you eat. There’s nothing wrong​ with using the best hair and skin products but just make sure that you’re not concentrating on just that; beauty starts from the inside. It amazes me how some people put avocado pear, bananas and the likes on their hair while they eat only junk food. This is wrong; it should be eat, then apply in that order. The next time you’re thinking of doing that face or hair mask with fruits, make sure you’ve eaten enough of the fruits.

Some of the foods that help improve the health of our skin and hair include:

  • Protein: This is very important for healthy skin and hair. When your diet is rich in protein, you’ll notice that your hair and nails will grow faster and stronger. However, plant sources of protein like beans, soy milk, etc are healthier than animal sources like red meat. Find a balance between the two. Milk is very important for healthy skin; it helps the skin glow. If you haven’t added milk to your diet already, please do; the benefits are numerous.
  • Water: The importance of water cannot be overemphasized. Water helps to hydrate the skin and hair and we all know how important moisture is for health. It also helps to wash away toxins from the body system. If you’re trying to loose weight, drinking water could also help as it will reduce your desire to eat all the time. Instead of drinking soda and alcohol, drink water and your body will thank you for it; including your skin and hair.
  • Fruits and vegetables: These are also essential for overall health of the body. If you want thick shiny hair and skin that glows, then fruits and vegetables should be part of your diet. All fruits have their own benefits so I recommend you eat as many as you can find; don’t focus on only one type of fruit. You don’t have to go out of your way to store the fruits, just eat whatever fruits are in season at a particular time and you’ll be fine. Make sure you eat the whole fruit not just the juice in order to get the full benefit.

For good health, please stay away from junk foods. If you must eat snacks, make your own healthy snacks from fresh or dried fruits. When you eat healthy, you won’t have to do too much to keep your skin and hair healthy. You are what you eat!

Ladies please share your experience on how healthy eating has improved the health of your skin and hair in the comments below.
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