How to Overcome Length Obsession

With the expansion of the natural hair community, length discrimination has become very popular. There are several hair products that promise long hair after certain time of use and numerous tips on how to grow longer hair on the internet. Sometimes, it feels like you have failed as a naturalista if your hair is short so several people are obsessed with having long hair within a short time. You hear questions like “How come my hair is still short and that YouTuber’s hair is long even though we went natural around the same time?” Well, I must say that natural hair is a personal journey. There’s no need to compare your hair with others, your hair can do certain things that others cannot just like theirs can do things that yours cannot. Let’s stop all the hair comparison already! Today, I’ll be sharing my experience with length obsession and how I overcame it.

In my first year of being natural, I was free. I wore my hair proudly without worrying about it’s length. Along the line, after my first year anniversary, I started to watch YouTube videos on natural hair and began to see how much hair people who claimed to be one year into their natural hair journey had grown. My hair was way shorter than theirs and that was when the length obsession started. I began using every oil on my hair and doing length checks every other day which was too much manipulation and breakage was the result. I got frustrated several times when I did length checks and saw no significant growth, my journey became a struggle. At a point I had to call myself to order, I decided not to focus on length anymore but on health and I stopped doing length checks. I started caring for my hair without worrying if it was growing and after a few months, I began to notice some increase in the length of my hair. Now, getting over the obsession was not easy, it was a concious effort.

One of the most important things that will help you overcome length obsession is acceptance. You have to accept your hair for what it is, it might not grow as fast as the next person but that’s okay. It’s not a competition. Let me also add that a lot of things you see on YouTube are not the way they seem. A YouTuber might say that she has been natural for two years but has actually been natural for three years when you add the one year of transitioning. Of course you can’t expect to have the same length of hair as such a person if you big chopped even if you’ve been natural for two years.

Another thing that’ll help you overcome length obsession is patience, your hair will grow if you care for it. It may take some time but it will grow eventually. All the YouTubers you admire today didn’t get  there overnight, their hair also grew with time. The next time you’re tempted to crave for their long tresses, check their old videos so you’ll see that they once had short hair just like you which grew into what it is today. It’s better to focus on the health of your hair than on it’s length because styles look best when your hair is healthy and healthy hair grows. Don’t be afraid to trim those unhealthy ends when they are damaged.

Lastly, take a lot of pictures of your hair along the way. This is the best way to track your progress. Sometimes you may think your hair isn’t growing until you see an old picture. Also, pictures can help you detect if a regimen or product doesn’t suit your hair. It’s okay to do length checks as long as you’re not obsessed with it as this will do a lot of harm to your hair. 

Have you ever been obsessed with the length of your hair, how did you overcome it?

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2 thoughts on “How to Overcome Length Obsession

  1. Yes, i have been obssessd with my hair growth. I overcame the obession through two things: protective styling and enjoying the process of styling my hair.


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